Korob Pet Hotel 2015


Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.


My name is Rimma Korob and I want to introduce to you my Training-Based Doggie Daycare & Boarding facility located near Museum District & Medical Center area of Houston. A long time ago I started as a dog walker and over the years working with pets became my passion. I wanted dogs to have a place where dogs can be dogs, have fun and at the same time learn & follow good manners when attending daycare. Along with doggie daycare & boarding, our Grooming & Training services have been named one of the best in Houston area. Our staff are people who unconditionally LOVE dogs and are certified Trainers and Groomers with many years of experience. Here at Korob Pet Hotel we strive to provide the best pet services as well as customer service itself. Our customers love us on Yelp


Full Day Daycare $27

Half Day Daycare $15

Evalution Test (4 hours) $30

 * Daycare while boarding $15


Dog Boarding:

-Lofts $38*

-VIP Room $55*

*Hollidays $10 extra


*Check-in before 3 pm  $15

*Check-out after 11 am  $15

10 pack of daycare $250

 (10 X Full Day for $25 each)


20 pack of faycare $460

 (20 X Full Day for $23 each)


Month Unlimited $630

 (31 X Full Day for $21 each)

5501 Austin street, Houston TX, 77004

5501 Austin street, Houston, TX 77004


5501 Austin street,

Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (832) 404-2337

Email: kpethotel@gmail.com


Bath & Cut:

-Small Dog $50 and up

-Medium Dog $60 and up

-Large Dog $70 and up

-Extra Large Dog $80 and up

  -Long-haired  $75 and up



-Small Dog $25 and up

-Medium Dog $35 and up

-Large Dog $45 and up

-Extra Large Dog $60 and up

-Long haired  $45 and up





Private Playtime $20

Private Walk $20

Daily Feeding *our food (AM or PM) $5 




Pampered Pet Package $18

(Private walk, playtime, treats)

Puppy Daily Premium Package $32

(2 extra walks, 2 playtimes, storytime & cuddles, Puzzle Game)

Happy Vacationer Package $25

(2 Playtimes, Treats & cuddles, 30 min massage)

Adventuruous Vacationer Package $25

(Private Walk in Hermann Park, Puzzle Game, Treats)

Spa Day Package $50 and up

(Ear cleaning, Nails + Polish,

Teeth brushing, Bath & Brushout)



PUPPY Starter Kit - 2 weeks program   *6 months and under


Obedience Training - 2 weeks program

*5 months and up


ALL Service Dog Training Available!






We believe EVERY dog can be trained!


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Corrective Behavior: ALL AGES!

*excessive barking, pulling on the leash,

jumping up, running out of the door when 

open, snapping (biting), socialization,

agression, excessive excitemnt, manners, etc

                         3 sessions $400     5 sessions $600

                              7 sessions $800      10 sessions $1000        



-Nail Grinding (Soft Nails) $12

-Nail Polish  $15-$25

-Soft Paws (full set) $40

-Cording $150 and up

-Trimming $10-$20

-Massage $60/hour

-Flea Treatment $15

-De-Shedding Shampoo $10-$20

* Ask About SPA Packages!